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Cheap Disney World tickets
cheap Disney World tickets

Disney World tickets

Finding Cheap Disney World Tickets

That may sound like a contradiction in terms: cheap Disney World tickets. Why, there ain't no such animal! On the contrary, there are ways to get cheap Disney World tickets. Let us take a look at some.

The first type of cheap Disney World tickets is actually a free ticket. As you might expect, these are not easy to get. If you, a friend or family member work for Disney (the term is cast member), you can sign into the park up to three people per day. You can't get more affordable than that. Of course, those cheap Disney World tickets are rather hard to come by.

Next, you have the package deals. If you go online and do a search for cheap Disney World tickets, you'll see that if you book a travel package with some hotels and resorts, they throw in some cheap Disney World tickets. Now, you do have to pay attention to what they are offering you. Currently, there are over sixty different kinds of Disney World tickets out there. So, if all they are going to provide you with is a few one-day passes to the Magic Kingdom, those would not qualify as cheap Disney World tickets. Often times, the Disney Company will offer package deals of their own, and include rooms at one of their hotels, and some cheap Disney World tickets.

Next, you can get cheap Disney World tickets from a variety of off-site businesses. One of the most common types of affordable tickets can be obtained by agreeing to attend a time-share sales pitch. This does have its downside. It is time-consuming, and you do have to fend off their high-pressure attempts at separating you from your money. Yet, if you are strong-willed, and stay focused on the prize: the cheap Disney World tickets, it is an effective means to an ends.

Also, some resorts and hotels will include discount tickets in their room charges. When you are coming to the Orlando area, and you want to find an economical place to stay, the hotels and resorts that are farther from Disney World are the most affordable places. As a result, they go out of their way to entice people to stay there. These are the hotels that can offer you great extras like a breakfast buffet, free shuttle service to the parks, and cheap Disney World tickets. Here again, be sure to check on what kinds of cheap Disney World tickets they provide you.

Next, there are often different kinds of affordable and cheap Disney World tickets offered over the course of a year. If you check the internet or watch television and print ads, you'll see some of these. Sometimes Disney World will offer cheap Disney World tickets during the off-season times. This is most often in the early fall, when kids are back in school, and before the holiday seasons. Also, the spring, both before and after the Spring Break and Easter periods. One of the most common forms of cheap Disney World tickets is those they offer to Florida residents. Here again, it is more an attempt at getting people into the theme parks during the off-seasons.

And finally, there are the special events. If a Hannah Montana concert is coming to Walt Disney World, or some other performer, there are often various types of cheap Disney World tickets offered. Sometimes these can be purchased through the Walt Disney Company, and others are available through Ticketmaster, and other so-called third party sellers. The drawback to some of these providers is that the affordable tickets are often snatched up by ticket scalpers the instant they're put on the market. You then have to pay a mark-up, and suddenly the tickets are not cheap.

Disney World tickets
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